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黒木国昭 Kuniaki Kuroki

  • Born in Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan.
  • Graduated from Miyazaki Prefectural Senior High School in Kobayashi City. Employed by Yamaya Glass Company Inc.
  • Started his independent creative expression.
  • Earms top nank, Japanese Glassmakers Proficiency Test (Ministry of Labor).
  • Modern Japanese Glass Crafts, Exhibition
  • Traditional Craft, Exhibition
  • Japanese Glass Art, Exhibition
  • Begins coneer as independent artist.
  • Involved in a project for the restoration of Satsuma Kiriko (cut glass in Satsuma style)
  • Modern Japanese Glass Artists Exhibition
  • Participated in the international Glass Art Conference.
  • Presented works to the Imperial Household Agency and the Royal Family: the Emperor, Crown Prince, Princess Nori-no-Miya, and Prince Akishino-no-Miya.
  • Received the National Award for Contemporary Expert Artisan.
  • Received the Modern Culture Award.
  • Received the Japan-France Art and Culture Award.
  • Presented works commemorating the royal wedding of the Crown Prince.
  • Received the International Art and Culture Award.
  • Received the Grand Prix at the Paris Art Exhibition.
  • “The Romantic Spirit of Korin” Glass Art of Kuniaki Kuroki-A Collection of Kuroki’s Works of 32 Years
  • Edited by Yoshio Tsuchiya, Director of the Suntory Art Museum and published by Kyuryudo Tokyo.
  • Introduced the world’s first decorative glasswork for architectural purposes.
  • Received the Rome Grand Prix Award at the International Art Exhibition, Rome, Italy.
  • Imperial Highness Prince and Princess Hitachino-miya visited Kuroki’s Studio in Aya. Presented a piece of work “Korin”.
  • Invited to Los Angeles International Art Show.
  • Entered works: Screen “Gold Inlay-Korin”, Vase “Gold Inlay-Korin”, Vase“Platinum Inlay-Korin”.
  • Reproduced a work by Emile Gale “Columbine Vase”. after 100years. It’s a first trial in the world
  • Published Kuroki’s own creative work “Aya Kiriko-Contemporary”
  • Kiriko (cut-glass) Art with a Message for the 21st Century.
  • Received the 1997 Academy Award of the Three European Nations Tour Exhibition.
  • Kuroki’s works became a permanent collection in the Denmark Glass Museum.
  • Received the Grand Prix Government Award in “Athena Expo ’98”
  • Collected by the Vores Museum of Art in Greek
  • Received the Asian Art Splendor Decoration at the Asian Art Exposition
  • Invited to hold a Solo Glass Art Show to commemorate the opening of the Shinchiku City Glass Museum of the Cultural Affairs Bureau of Shinchiku Administration in Taiwan. Exhibited works such as“Korin” and “Interior-caved Light Taiwan Scenery” are collected by the Museum. President Chen Shui-bian visited the Museum to see the works.
  • Exhibition at the Modern Arts of Egypt. Korin collected by the Government of Egypt.
  • A collection of Kuroki’s 37 years of works “Kuniaki Kuroki’s Glass Art” compiled by Yoshio Tsuchiya, the Suntory Art Museum, and published by Kyuryudo, Tokyo.
  • Received the Gold Coast Citizen Grand Prix at the Gold Coast International Art and Calture Exhibition in Australia.
  • Received the ONE prize at the Las Vegas International Caltural Exchange Art Show in the United States.
  • Exhibited at Japan EXPO 2002, and received the World Arts and Culture Prize. The exhibition was attended by Li Peng, then chairman of the National People’s Congress, China.
  • Exhibition commemorating 40 years of creative work
  • Visit by Their Imperial Majesties the Emperor and Empress of Japan(tour and conversation)
  • The 20th Commemorative Exhibition "Kuniaki Kuroki; Exquisite World of Glass" at Hankyu Department Store, Osaka
  • Received the Medal with Yellow Ribbon
  • Masters of Glass Kuniaki Kuroki Glass Art Exhibition
  • "Expressions of Japanese beauty through glass: Extensions of the Rimpa School and Hiroshige" Organized by NHK.
  • "Expressions of Japanese beauty through glass: Extensions of the Rimpa School and Hiroshige" Exhibition held at Hankyu Department Store(Osaka), Iwataya Department Store(Fukuoka), Takashimaya Department Store(Tokyo) and Matsuzakaya Department Store(Nagoya)
  • "Expressions of Japanese beauty through glass: Extensions of the Rimpa School and Hiroshige" Exhibition held at Daiwa Department Store(Niigata) and the Museodel Vetro in Venice, Italy
  • Triumph exhibition held in Venice, Italy
    Reception with Ma Ying-jeon, Taiwanese President